Part 1




19/09/2019 Prep For Video


19/09/2019 Completed Video

24/09/2019 Final Edit For 4D



12/10/2019 Looking at texture in an unnatural environment on a natural canvas (body)

In this video I made the weekend before the Extension Week I wanted to look at ideas of body alterations with various different unnatural shapes taken from natural sources such as fungus and moss. When creating the images of the different figures I started to draw resemblance to experimentation ,that’s now unethical, that used to practiced during and after World War 2. This gave me ideas to take documented videos from these famous events and add it to a video to give this feeling of a hidden government video explaining the horrors that unfolded during these experiments. The piece is untitled due to this.

Finished Video for device

The video strays a little away from what I’ve been trying to represent with my work about change, instead of looking at the effects the video tackles the effects the device has on the mind. With subconscious thoughts being suppressed by expectations you have for yourself, this is conveyed in the video by the ever looming distorted video of a person gorging themselves in the background, with me mostly in the foreground not enjoying the activities I’m completing. I feel this was effective in representing the idea of being pressured by yourself to change by not doing what you really want, to look a certain way that pleases others. This was also represented by the Title Being ‘FATTY’ which often is a word that plagues peoples self confidence. These types of woods convey negativity forcing a change to lifestyle even if its not necessary.


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